Good News Weekly

  • Pilate has the unenviable tasks of deciding the fate of an accused Jewish blasphemer.  The religious issues are of no consequence to this Roman official, but sending an innocent man to death might agitate his conscience for a while.

  • Every encounter with Jesus is unforgettable, and Pilate's is no exception.  However, his questions are not those of an inquiring disciple, but of one who holds authority over Jesus' very life.

  • It's a dark night for Jesus - taken by force, and now required to defend himself to the authorities.  If there's one thing he could use, it's the support of his closest followers.  But at a time when all are about to be tested, even that might be to much to ask.

  • Jesus has been their teacher, their leader and Lord for years, and now they share on final evening together.  How will he bid them farewell? If you were expecting one last miracle or show of power, think again. 

  • One of Jesus' closet friends is dying, but he lets two days pass before taking any action.  Is he too busy, or too famous to bother?  Or is something greater at work? 

  • This man Jesus has some nerve: claiming authority to heal a blind man,  and on the Sabbath, no less!  The Pharisees won't see past their own legalistic view and behold the true miracle.  Who, now is the one truly blind.

  • One thirsty Jewish rabbi on a long journey.  One Samaritan woman by a water source.  A perfect moment for the God of new life to dissolve age-old divisions.

  • Nicodemus, a Jewish leader, seeks Jesus under cover of night to ask him some questions that plague his mind.  What he gets is "crazy talk!  Crazy talk about being born anew; crazy talk about being born of water and the Spirit; crazy talk about how the Spirit blows about like the wind, making people born again from about."

  • Where one looks for God, expects to find God, imagines

    God to be are all at stake for the Gospel of John.