Our Story

St. John's…

Is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA.)  We are part of the Southwestern Minnesota Synod and the Crow River Conference.  

St. John's has been serving the greater Annandale area since 1886.

The MISSION of St. John's is to "experience, live, and share the love of Jesus Christ."  We seek to fulfill DiSCIPLes.  

The marks of a faithful DiSCIPLe are :

  • Devoted worship (worship weekly)   
  • Scripture-focused (read my Bible)
  • Caring neighbor (serve in and beyond St. John's)
  • Inviting friend (encourage faith in others)
  • Prayer-powered (pray daily)
  • Living giving (give of my God-given time, talents and treasures)            

Click here to view the St. John's 2017 Constitution