Strategic Planning

We invite you to be a part of discerning future ministry at St. John's.

We have recently started a strategic planning process that involves many layers of listening to God. We listen to God through Scripture, through the congregation, and through the wider community.

Trusting that the Holy Spirit speaks through each and every one of us, we invite you to go to and share your experiences and reflections. Having a wide array of voices will greatly aid the Strategic Planning Task Force as they develop proposals for our ministry together.

Through this process, St. John's will gain clarity about the direction of our ministry in the next three years. 

As you fill out the survey please do so from your perspective. If you have children who are not filling out a survey of their own we invite you to respond with them in mind as well. We encourage your spouse/partner to complete the survey on their own.

The survey will be available through November 1.

Thank you for taking part!