Good News Weekly

  • The book of Ruth begins with desperation and moves on to tragedy. As a result, Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi, are forced to make some risky choices, Yet there is good news to found, models of faith, welcome and new beginnings. There is Gospel here between the lines of a story where God does not speak. 

  • The Story of Jacob wrestling with God near the River Jabbok is a reminder that "faith is wrestling with God, wrestling with our images of God, wrestling with our uncertainties about God, without letting go before we gain some insight, a blessing if you will, that enables us to continue our journey, perhaps limping a bit, but continuing on nonetheless" - Richard Geoffrey Leggett

  • In the heat of the day, the Holy One appeared at the tent of Abraham and Sarah, and received the hospitality due a desert traveler. That day, they heard a promise: that even their old age, they would have a child. And although that seemed to them a ridiculous proposition, so it came to be. The child born was named Isaac, which means "laughter"

  • In the second of the Creation stories we find in the Bible, we are told about the time before names, when the earth was yet young, and fertile. A time when humanity was represented by just one person in a garden, and we had not yet determined what to do with this generous gift of a world.