June 28th - July 2nd, 2024

Life is busy. Whether you are managing your own calendar or a family calendar, it can be hard to get into a routine - meetings, sick days, flat tires - life events require a change of plans. Sometimes we yearn for a routine, an ordinary rhythm to our day or week.

We invite you to experience Ordinary Time, a faith-centered rhythm at Camp House this summer! Each day you’ll encounter opportunities for learning, creating, playing, and being. The routine of devotions and worship will be woven with times of conversation, education and artistic classes, reading on the beach, canoeing around Lake George, or exploring sights along the North Shore.

Pastors, musicians, artists, and educators will inspire our spiritual and creative sides, guiding all those present into an intentional Christian community. Camp House staff will offer opportunities to take part in the uniqueness of this beautiful site - daily saunas, games on the ball field, pizza in the brick oven, and evening fellowship in the lodge. Camp House has been a favorite getaway for Pastor Todd and Pat.  Join them, along with Emily Combs and her family, for a weekend of relaxation, spiritual growth, and fun! This experience is perfect for youth and adults of all ages.



Ordinary Time is about a community of people being together to reconnect with the Creator, creation, and perhaps even our creative sides. This program is for YOU! It’s also for your book club, men’s group, youth group, family, extended family, family of choice, friends, etc. Whoever yearns for a routine and an ordinary rhythm is welcome! Come on your own or with your family, friends, or youth group.

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Lingering around a meal table or over a cup of coffee provides space for deeper conversation and connection. Ordinary Time's schedule invites this rhythm, and we hope you will experience it. Camp House meals are simple yet filling, and made with great care and love. Fresh ingredients and a homemade touch are core to your meal experience. Those exploring the area will be able to request a pack out lunch, and twice a week we’ll fire up our brick oven for a wood-fired pizza experience. Meals are included in the program cost.

They also take our coffee seriously, just like the Finnish who settled in this area. Bring your favorite travel mug to enjoy “Khavi” times throughout the day.​